About Us

Tadika Murni was founded in 1988, with its first branch in Kepong. After an unbroken 28 years of service in the Kepong area, Mrs Yeap, its founder and principal, started its second branch in Setia Alam. It started 3 years ago to cater the needs of a younger generation.

“I would like to bring our unique brand of early childhood education and care to the young families of today. These are very challenging times due to the changing society and the prevailing attitudes of today.” says Mrs Yeap. Softly she adds, “This is my way of helping my community and giving back to society.”


Our Vision:
Cultivate the reading interest of the young ones and nurture their character through love and care.

Our Mission:
Cultivate the interest of children in three main languages, namely English, Malay and Mandarin through reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Build confidence and foster characters through discipline, training and activities for their best preparation to enter national primary school system.

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Happy Parents

Reviathi Muthia

Revathi Muthiah (Aashini’s Mother)

Through this letter I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and all the teachers of Tadika Murni for taking such good care of Aashini from the beginning. I see she has made a remarkable progress after joining your school in 2016. Her language skill has improved so much, especially her fluency in Chinese. I never thought she would get so fluent in a language that is completely foreign to her. I thank her Chinese teacher for putting in all the effort to teach her the language. I wish to thank Teacher Shalini for being a good mentor for Aashini throughout her journey at Tadika Murni. My best wishes and thanks to Mr. Alex and Ms. Rose for guiding her at the times needed. She has learnt a lot from each one of you at your school.  The physical activities and the brain exercises you've taught her are really amazing. To see a 3 year old doing all this makes me feel wonderful. I am glad I chose the right school for her. The Sports Day 2016 was too too good! The hard-work and effort you put into it definitely deserved special appreciation. If ever I happen to look out for a preschool for Aashini or any of my friends and relatives, Tadika Murni would be it. Hats off to all of you for doing a great job. Special thanks to the Trophy awarded to her at the year end. I wish you, your teachers and all the non-teaching staff all success now and in the years to come.
Mrs Lim

Mrs Lim (Ren Yi’s Mother)

Thanks to Mrs Yeap & her teachers, through their teachings, my son Ren Yi, in 18 months' time learn a lot of BM & English after living in China for some time. His three main languages (BM, English & Chinese) improved tremendously.
madam annie – melissa mother

Madam Annie – Melissa’s mother

I've always wanted my children to be taught with primary school based concept. Through a friend recommendation, found out that Tadika Murni is using such concept. After enquiry, I immediately enroll my daughter, Melissa into Tadika Murni. After a year, Melissa under guidance of Mrs Yeap & Teacher Shalini, she improved a lot in alphabet, numbers & 3 main languages. My husband and I are very thankful to all the teachers in Tadika Murni.

Madam Lye ( B-Hao’s Mother )

I'm thankful to the teachers in Tadika Murni, during this 2 years taught my son from scratch to being able to read a whole story book by himself. Teachers taught him with love & patience, and he has changed from being shy person to become more confident. I'm lucky, I have found the right kindergarten for my son.
Mdm Poi

Madam Poi ( Aderlyn’s Mother)

My daughter Annabelle Poi now is in standard 1. I'm very lucky to have chosen Tadika Murni. She in the span of 1 year are able to master three main languages well, thanks to the teachers guidance. This year in Standard 1, she perform well in every of her subjects. Currently, my youngest daughter is also in Tadika Murni and I see her improvement.